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A Sun City Attorney For Probate Administration And Litigation

Is it too soon to contact a probate lawyer if your family member is very near the end of life and you are the executor or personal representative? Definitely not too soon. It is also not too late to get legal help if you are administering an estate – perhaps guided by internet resources or advice from relatives – and realize you are in over your head. I am estate planning and probate law attorney Rita A. Daninger, and I have seen every scenario you can think of with regard to timing. I can lift many of your burdens from the beginning to the end of the estate administration process.

I spent 20 years as a paralegal before getting my J.D. degree and starting my own law firm in Arizona. I have now been practicing probate law here for more than 20 years. I am ready to help you through any aspect of estate administration, including trust administration, probate and legal loose ends lingering after assets have been distributed to beneficiaries.

Probate Can Be Complex. I Provide Clear Direction And Reassurance.

I know how confusing legal jargon can be for someone who is responsible for settling an estate. If you are like most people, you might be in this position just once, twice or a few times in your life. In contrast, I routinely help clients in Arizona as well as family members and/or their out-of-state attorneys who need to co-counsel with a local lawyer such as me. My firm is a source of guidance and the representation you may need to progress through steps including:

  • Finding the will, if there is one, and identifying or determining who the personal representative (executor) will be.
  • Identifying interested parties (including beneficiaries or heirs, creditors, next of kin, business partners and others)
  • Creating an inventory of assets
  • Determining whether probate is necessary for any or all assets
  • Identifying assets for which no probate process is needed, such as assets in trusts; property held in joint tenancy or community property with right of survivorship; assets assigned by way of contracts; beneficiary deeds; retirement accounts and life insurance policies with named beneficiaries; motor vehicle division beneficiary transfer of titled assets and other assets that do not require probate
  • Determining whether assets that require probate qualify for resolution with a small estate affidavit
  • Completing other legal requirements of the probate court as needed

With my years of experience in probate law in Arizona, I can assist with any type of probate case, including:

  • Formal petitions when there are complications such as a will contest
  • Informal probate for estates with a valid last will and testament
  • Informal filing in intestate situations when there is no valid will and testament

As needed, I can represent any party in probate litigation and assist with any complexities such as coordination with the final fiduciary responsibilities of a guardian or conservator. In all aspects of estate administration, including trust administration, I will do my utmost to keep you well informed, explain how to keep costs under control and advise you on how to avoid any accusations of breach of your fiduciary duty.

Let Me Hear From You About Your Probate Case

I understand your feelings such as being overwhelmed, frightened or perplexed. My two decades as a paralegal followed by two decades as a probate lawyer have given me the skills and experience you need on your side at this time.

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