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When A Guardianship Or Conservatorship Is Under Consideration

When someone is unable to handle their own financial and legal issues, they may need the protection of a guardian or conservator. This person may be a family member, a close friend or someone appointed by a court. Conservatorships and guardianships often come up among adult children of older adults and others in the Sun City region, with its high percentage of retirement-age residents.

I am estate and probate law attorney Rita A. Daninger. For 20 years, I have practiced probate and estate law in this region. I will gladly explain what you need to know about putting a guardianship or conservatorship arrangement in place for your elderly parent or spouse or disabled adult child. I am ready to help your family determine appropriate legal protection for a vulnerable family member or anyone close to you.

An Overview Of Guardianships And Conservatorships

A guardianship may be necessary for an older adult in Arizona who does not have a power of attorney (POA) and is incompetent to handle their personal affairs. This is a common solution for someone with dementia or any incapacitating condition. If you become someone’s guardian, you will have many of the same rights a parent has for their child.

A conservatorship gives someone fiduciary responsibility for managing an impaired or incapacitated adult’s financial affairs. In a petition with the probate division of the superior court and a hearing before a judge or commissioner, a petitioner will explain and document reasons for which conservatorship is necessary.

Both guardians and conservators in Arizona must be appointed by a court and undergo training. You may be concerned about the well-being of a family member in the Sun City area who is at risk and in need of legal protections such as these. Regardless of whether you wish to be the guardian or conservator of a vulnerable family member or receive guidance on selecting someone for this role, I can help.

With 20 years as a paralegal and 20-plus years as a probate attorney, I have guided many families and individuals through the necessary legal and practical steps for establishing guardianships and conservatorships.

Get Legal Counsel And A Clear Understanding Of The Path Forward

Perhaps you are an older adult whose children have spoken of setting up a guardianship or conservatorship to help you manage things – but you prefer to remain in control or make your own choices through a power of attorney. Please reach out while you are in a position to make decisions or for reassurance about the potential benefits of guardianship or conservatorship.

Call 623-666-5704 or send an email message to schedule a consultation regarding any probate law topic of concern to you. I welcome inquiries from people in Arizona as well as those with elder family members in this state.